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Streaming art now!

2017-05-15 18:31:30 by Master-Sweez

doing a stream of some comission work. come hang out if you want, ill be starting soon.

Started a Patreon

2017-04-08 15:40:17 by Master-Sweez

So, in an attempt to lessen my staggering financial struggle, im starting a patreon under my NSFW alias "S18" where you guys can support my art. for right now all the art ive posted on tumblr is available for free viewing, but going forward there will be some art pieces that will be patron only posts. you guys can support me with any amount you want meaning you have complete access to any patron only post for as low as a $1 

There is only ONE goal so far to reach but i think you guys, especially any kingdom hearts fans, are going to really like what that goal entails. ;)

I appreciate any support you guys show and if you find yourself unable to support me through this, could I ask that you guys at least re-blog this and share it around?

thanks guys!

Morgiana speed paint

2015-10-05 10:32:17 by Master-Sweez

Speed paint for my Morgiana piece is now up. Enjoy guys! :D




I'm now on Patreon!

2015-09-27 12:05:58 by Master-Sweez

Sup everyone?

So, like many other artist, I'm struggling to get by. So far this year has been pretty tough on me since losing my mom and taking over the payments of the house. And the way things are looking it's only gonna' get worse :/

So I'm reaching out to the little (But VERY appreciated) fan base I have in order to try this Patreon thing out. Now, I'm a nobody artist that can't hold a candle to some of these big name guys like Robatto or Koidrake. But, I can have a little hope that maybe a few people out there enjoy the art and stories I try to create. With that in mind, I jumped on Patreon in hopes of maybe supporting myself on my artwork alone instead of soul sucking call center jobs.

With this service, fans can pledge as low as $1 a month in order to support my work, which include the web comic "Forever Zero" which I'll link below, as well as my fantasy novel "GodSlayer."

I can't offer much yet to the donators aside from the content I promise to create, but if things go well, I can begin doing commissions for you guys and maybe open some other ways to thank you all.

Any help is appreciated guys, even if it's just to spread the word. 
Take care.





Writing career begins!

2014-12-30 15:37:03 by Master-Sweez

Starting off the new year strong as my writing career officially begins! Author website is now live where you can check out my current projects.

 Check out my latest story, "The Little Girl and the Shadow"
It's a short story I've written for the kindle and kindle app. Now available for Pre-order and will release January 2, 2015.

New speedpaint!

2014-08-08 08:29:24 by Master-Sweez

Got a new speedpaint video up of my latest piece, check it out!


King of monotone is back with the third and final part of my breakdown series

Breakdown video 2 "Inking"

2014-04-21 09:18:24 by Master-Sweez

Second video's up

Breakdown video

2014-03-23 16:25:45 by Master-Sweez

I'm no pro but in this video I go over my regular breakdown of my drawing process in photoshop, starting with the "Base sketch". I also give out some tips on how to improve and why the base sketch is important. Enjoy :V

Hey all, 

I recently stumbled accross my Newgrounds account again and decided to spruce it up with some new art and news. Ive been gone for a little over a year I geuss and in that time I've improved alot so Im gonna be uploading my most recent art and stuff.

During the time I was away I even started my own youtube channel to Upload speed paints. This is just one of them so check out my channel for more :v