I'm now on Patreon!

2015-09-27 12:05:58 by Master-Sweez

Sup everyone?

So, like many other artist, I'm struggling to get by. So far this year has been pretty tough on me since losing my mom and taking over the payments of the house. And the way things are looking it's only gonna' get worse :/

So I'm reaching out to the little (But VERY appreciated) fan base I have in order to try this Patreon thing out. Now, I'm a nobody artist that can't hold a candle to some of these big name guys like Robatto or Koidrake. But, I can have a little hope that maybe a few people out there enjoy the art and stories I try to create. With that in mind, I jumped on Patreon in hopes of maybe supporting myself on my artwork alone instead of soul sucking call center jobs.

With this service, fans can pledge as low as $1 a month in order to support my work, which include the web comic "Forever Zero" which I'll link below, as well as my fantasy novel "GodSlayer."

I can't offer much yet to the donators aside from the content I promise to create, but if things go well, I can begin doing commissions for you guys and maybe open some other ways to thank you all.

Any help is appreciated guys, even if it's just to spread the word. 
Take care.








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