Started a Patreon

2017-04-08 15:40:17 by Master-Sweez

So, in an attempt to lessen my staggering financial struggle, im starting a patreon under my NSFW alias "S18" where you guys can support my art. for right now all the art ive posted on tumblr is available for free viewing, but going forward there will be some art pieces that will be patron only posts. you guys can support me with any amount you want meaning you have complete access to any patron only post for as low as a $1 

There is only ONE goal so far to reach but i think you guys, especially any kingdom hearts fans, are going to really like what that goal entails. ;)

I appreciate any support you guys show and if you find yourself unable to support me through this, could I ask that you guys at least re-blog this and share it around?

thanks guys!


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2017-04-08 17:18:34

I like your style, here's a buck from me. Sorry I can't give you any more than that, I literally am jobless at the moment, but we'll see if the future holds more promising yield.

Master-Sweez responds:

Cant tell you how much I appreciate that. believe me ive been jobless and know how bad it sucks. I'll make some content for the patreon soon, in the mean time feel free to read a webcomic im developing if you want to pass the time. It's not porn but i hope you enjoy it just the same. the next update should be on 4/16/2017

I hope your situation improves, best of luck to the both of us.